Patent application for foldable iPhone from Apple

Apple has more of a patent application for the iPhone. Looking at patent images shared by Apple Insider, the phone seems to have a foldable screen. The phone, which has a structure that can be attached to the shirt, has an OLED panel. In January of the same year that Apple passed, US Patent and Trademark Office filed a patent application for a foldable iPhone.



Apple’s technology is also known to be equipped with equipment such as circuit and battery. Apple is said to be using plastic, fiber composite components and glass materials for this technology. While the cameras, sensors, speakers, and display controls are located on the top of the cradle, the processor, graphics processor and microphone are located at the bottom of the phone. The metal that can be doubled is supposed to support the flexible OLED display. We will see together in the coming years whether or not Apple will drive the foldable iPhone to the market.

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