iPhone 8 Plus Will Have Dual Optical Image Stabilization

iPhone 7 Plus has a dual-lens camera and supports only optical image stabilization with a wide angle lens. However, it may change next year.

In a research note from MacRumors, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo maintains that in 2017, dual-camera iPhone models will support dual optical image stabilization. Kuo believes that Apple will redesign the telephoto lens to support this feature in addition to the existing auto focus function.
We believe Apple will add OIS functionality to telephoto CCM to increase new iPhone sales next year. As a result, we think that both the photo quality and the optical zoom range can develop. We expect the telephoto lens to be redesigned to support OIS in telephoto CCM, which can be: (1) the need to increase the image circle of the telephoto lens, which results in longer calibration times and more complicated mounting operations; And (2) redesigning the telephoto lens to cause deterioration of quality at the edges of the increasing image.
Kuo said that Apple’s 5.1″ -5.2″ OLED iPhone and a new 5.5-inch iPhone with a traditional LCD screen will have a dual-camera with dual optical image stabilization.

Kuo expects Apple’s supplier Largan Precision will be the exclusive provider of 6P and telephoto lenses for the new iPhone trio.

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