Apple Pay is available in Russia now

Apple Pay enters Russian Market today via Sberbank and MasterCard.

Russian people can make payments via Apple Pay on some markets like BP, Media Markt, reStore, Atak, Azbuka, Auchan, Mvideo, Magnit, Tsum from now. Eldorado and Burger King (Russia) is going to be add Apple Pay payment option soon.

With today’s expansion, Apple Pay is now available in ten countries since launching in 2014.

Apple Pay Russia Sberbank

Samsung’s payment service Samsung Pay launched in Russia last month, and is available in nine countries. Google’s Android Pay, which launched in the US in 2015, has expanded to the UK, Australia, and Singapore, and will soon be available on the mobile web also. It looks like these big companies wants to expand their payment services in new countries.



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